This is a partnership. There are several approaches to effective bodywork to help you accomplish your goals.
How do
you want to work together?


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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

This gentle, non-invasive therapy uses light touch at various points along the head and spine to help the body diffuse tension and trauma held in the nervous system. The work helps to release both physical tension held in the tissues and fluids of the nervous system, and reprograms the energetic patterns created by undigested life experience. The result is a greater feeling of ease in body, mind and spirit!


Basic BCST session
(45-60 minutes, depending on how
your body directs the work) = $120


Therapeutic Massage

Unlike a cookie-cutter spa experience, each session is customized to your needs and therapeutic goals. The work will draw on various modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, or Trager, and often includes hot stones. The effect is deeply restorative, leaving you feeling lighter, looser and more in tune with your body.


60 minutes = $90

90 minutes = $135


Integrated Bodywork Session

This session combines the best of Therapeutic Massage, BCST and other advanced Energy Medicine techniques for a holistic healing experience. Starting off with a physical massage can soothe an overactive nervous system, taking it out of “fight/flight” back into “rest/digest.” This, then, allows us deeper access to the nervous system for the craniosacral and energy balancing work.


90-minute session = $150

Package rates are available if you are working through complex issues that would benefit from multiple session in a series.

Not sure what's right for you?