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This is a partnership. It starts with your goals.

You shouldn't have to know which modality will get you there. Together, we start with a question? What's Here?

Then we design a session that gives you access to all my tools to achieve a positive shift in the state of your health.

Together we find out...What's Possible?


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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

This gentle, non-invasive therapy uses light touch at various points along the head and spine to help the body diffuse tension and trauma held in the nervous system. The work helps to release both physical tension held in the tissues and fluids of the nervous system, and reprograms the energetic patterns created by undigested life experience. The result is a greater feeling of ease in body, mind and spirit!



NeuroEnergetic Therapy(TM)

The link between consciousness and form is your Nervous System. Your Mind tells your Body what to do and when to do it. When it's dysregulated, you can't function optimally. NET works with your body's wiring to reset signals, balance hormones, recalibrate your immune system...calm the storm in your brain.  Read more about it here.

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Therapeutic Massage

Unlike a cookie-cutter spa experience, each session is customized to your needs and therapeutic goals. The work will draw on various modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, or Trager, and often includes hot stones. The effect is deeply restorative, leaving you feeling lighter, looser and more in tune with your body.

Session Pricing

Sessions focus on goals, not time. Because you deserve healthcare that includes enough time for a successful outcome, a positive shift in your state of being.

Basic maintenance session: 

  In good shape and want to stay that way?
  This 45-60 minute session is for you.


Intermediate bodywork session:

 Need extra time to settle, or have a specific
  area of focus? About 75 minutes should do it.   


Extended bodywork session:  

 Working on some deeper issues with lots of
  layers to peel back?  This 90-minute deep
  dive will get you there. 


Sometimes, a one-off session won't achieve a complete outcome.
Package rates are available if you are working through complex issues
that would benefit from multiple sessions in a series.

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